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Patient Demand For Proton Therapy On The Rise

More than 50 years ago, Dr. Robert R. Wilson proposed using proton radiation to fight cancerous tumors. Wilson was a scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project developing the atomic bomb and later championed the peaceful use of atomic energy. Today, the "father of proton therapy," as he is often called, would be stunned by the growth and development of proton therapy in this country. Before Wilson died, he saw his dream come true during a visit to the world's first hospital-based proton cent........ Read More

Print On Demand Stigma

Currently, the print on demand service has changed the economics of small quantity printing, making it possible for books with low and uncertain demand to be profitably produced. This makes it easy and simple to produce books one or two at a time or in small lots, rather than in larger print runs of several hundred or several thousand. However, aside from its good intention service, there are criticisms against this print on demand service that is offered by some print on demand publishers. Som........ Read More

The Playstation 3 Supply And Demand

It would seem that there have been some major disappointments presented to those who were able to preorder the Sony Play Station 3 game console. The biggest problem was that with the limited quantity of consoles made available to the numerous stores that ordered them were not nearly enough to go around. Retail stores were even asking that their employees, many of who got into the preorder PS3 process along with their customers, to please wait until the next batch of consoles arrived. They had ho........ Read More

Video Streaming Reaching Out To The On Demand Customer

YouTube and MeTV understand that people want a creative way to express themselves. The anonymity provided by the web has allowed multiple thousands of wannabe stars to shine in low-resolution splendor. The success of these online video enterprises has encouraged others like Yahoo, AOL and a variety of other media outlets to begin streaming video for online consumption. Even children’s television is finding ways to allow kids to utilize online video streaming to participate in traditional........ Read More

Specific Performance Demands In Real Estate Transactions

Every so often, real estate transactions can go bad. This often results in one party demanding the other specifically perform pursuant to the real estate contract. Specific Performance Demands In Real Estate Transactions Once a seller and buyer agree on a price for a property, a real estate contract is signed. The contract contains provisions each must comply with, provisions that are legally binding. If problems arise during escrow, particularly if things turn nasty, one party may look to le........ Read More

Bring Ron Jeremy To Your Home With Adult Video On Demand

Ron Jeremy was born as Ron Jeremy Hyatt on March 12, 1953 in New Hyde Park, New York City. He was born into an upper middle class Jewish family to a physicist and a book editor. Jeremy received his bachelors degree in education and later went on to get his masters in special education. He taught special education classes in the New York City area, but went on to bigger and better things in the porn industry in the late 70s. Initially, Ron Jeremy left his teaching career to pursue an acting care........ Read More

Explosion In Nuclear Energy Demand Coming

Summary: Sprott Asset Management uranium expert Kevin Bambrough talked with us about the “second leg” of the current uranium bull market. He sees a massive nuclear build up heading our way with “the environmentalists leading the charge.” He said many price projections may be inaccurate because “people are underestimating future demand.” StockInterview: Price forecasts on spot uranium are widening. Some insiders have predicted uranium prices may drop back into the $30/pound range; ot........ Read More

Coffee Roaster Machines - Java On Demand!

Most coffee lovers have a strong liking to freshly brewed coffee. They are not very fond of instant coffee and sometimes may even consider it demeaning to have coffee right out of the can. They will either grind their coffee and stir a cuppa or have one of the new fancy coffee roaster machines which promise a quick fix from the bean to the cup in a few minutes without loosing the authentic flavour of the coffee. These coffee roaster machines have become quite popular in the recent past. They p........ Read More

Adult Video On Demand Is The Optimal Sin

Adult movies on demand are proving to be a fast, convenient resource for men and women to visualize their most wild, steamy horny fetish filled fantasies. But this does not come without some criticism. Since the beginning of the internet era there has been much criticism and concern about young people, including teens and children, who might able to access these materials which are in most cases intended for adult audiences only, in fact, it is illegal to target minors with pornographic material........ Read More

Mortgage Rates Continue To Drop, But Demand Still Low

For the fourth week consecutively, the mortgages rates eased a little more. According to the recent Primary Mortgage Market Survey by Freddie Mac, the rates for both short-term loans and long term loans have fallen by a small margin in the last week. The average of 30 year fixed rate mortgage settled at 6.24 percent with 0.4 point last week as compared to 6.26 percent and 0.4 point, the week before. This is the lowest after the week ended 17th May 2007, when the 30-year FRM was 6.21 percent. ........ Read More

The Latest Adult Movies On Demand

Pornographic films otherwise known as porno films are popular, sexually explicit materials usually depicting scenes where adults are engaging in intercourse. Adult movies on demand are becoming more popular and available, and are also referred to as adult vod or pay per view porn. While these films might be for couples to enjoy together prior to their own sexual relations, adult movies on demand and adult vod in general is popular for masturbation purposes. For example if one does not have a mat........ Read More

The Movie On Demand Is Booming Online

With the availability of high speed broadband everywhere, there are nowadays many internet movie downloads sites on the internet. The latest to join in the internet movie download site is Apple with its itunes movie store. You can easily download a movie and watch it on your ipod, pc or mac. Currently the largest download internet movie sites are Movielink and CinemaNow, both sites are supported by major film distributors such as Warner Bros and Sony Pictures etc. Most require you to have a c........ Read More

Peaches Jackets For The Professional Demanding More

If you have never heard the name Peaches you have no idea what you are truly missing when it comes to your medical scrubs or medical uniforms. With names such as Cherokee, Barco, and Dickies taking the spotlight where medical apparel is concerned, names such as Peaches often get forgotten or ignored. However, with Peaches, this is truly a mistake. Peaches jackets are a category offered by this reliable company that will explain what makes Peaches so special. Peaches jackets are the perfect ac........ Read More

Why Online Role Playing Games Are In Demand

History Online role playing games can trace its history back to the 1970s, where the earliest multi user games started to appear. Rogue, a very famous dungeon crawler, was released in1980. Monsters, items, and setting were represented by letters. This in turn, inspired a whole genre of similar clones. Dungeons and Dragons have long influenced the development of role playing games. Console playing games’, such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, success divided the genre into two........ Read More

Auto Insurance For The Digital Age - Online, On Demand

The maturation of the Internet has turned it into a viable marketplace and no industry has benefited more than the auto insurance business. In May of 2006 alone, Yahoo saw almost four million searches on "car insurance." Three of the strongest insurance companies in the country do their selling primarily over the internet or telephone: Progressive, eSurance and Geico. There are other highly popular sites on the web that provide multiple quotes from standard insurance companies, but do so wit........ Read More


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